Production Artist NYC Art Director

Digital Producer
Art Director

Google Certifications:
DoubleClick Studio
-Dynamic Rich Media
-Mastering Google WebDesigner

DoubleClick's Google Web Designer
Banner design, copy writing, animation
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Corporate Visa Website 2010 — Production, UX/UI, copywriting/content management, SEO
A work in Progress (View on both mobile & Desktop)
Mobile Responsive Sample (View on both mobile & Desktop)
Mobile Responsive Sample (View on both mobile & Desktop)
This 2018 work-in-progress is a complete company and branding redeisgn from Logo treatments, desktop and mobile website UX/UI, style-guide and collateral. For this Hero Image I created the binary mesh by using the transliteration of a Sanskrit Mantra of prosperity—Simply for fun & point of interest (Image only - view in new tab)
This was a complete company branding for a Silicon Valley Startup including Logo Design, User Experience Design, Mobile Responsive and Creative Direction design, content copywriting, White Paper copywriting, marketing and product development design. TechneHire is a patented algorithm hiring platform that weighs and ranks hardskills and soft skills through psychometric testing for balancing teams in the workplace. The company is currently awaiting Venture Capital assessment.
Created from Concept through final execution by Marketing Director & Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter Jaime Ordonez Victoria
Global Voice & Data Business Internet Provider 2011-12 — Mobile User Agent, Production, UX/UI, copywriting/content management, SEO
Animated Instructional Website.
(For the short versions see last Review slide for flash animation:  Menu/Reassembly/Review)
I created this in colloboration with a backend XML team while I was responsible as producer for the front end design and animation.